Car hire services in Mallorca

woman receiving car key from manWhether your visit to Mallorca is leisure activity or business related, the first thing that you would require is a reliable car rental company.  Rental cars can be booked online and the sooner that you do it, the cheaper it will be.  There are many car hire companies in Mallorca that offer amazing rates and services.  There are many options available, especially when you are travelling with your family.  You can pick up a Ford Focus which can be hired for as little as 17.85 euros for three days.  In case, you are travelling alone, you can opt for a basic car which will cost you only 7.81 euros.

How to Rent a Car in Mallorca

If you are wondering how to go about finding and hiring a car rental in Mallorca, here are a few pointers to help you decide.

  •      You can pick up the car from Mallorca airport itself and keep the car for as long as you need.
  •     You can become a member of a website that offers reasonable rates, loyalty programs and discounts.
  •     You might as well get a lower price when you book for a greater number of days.
  • As mentioned before, the price also varies upon the kind of car that you choose.

So if you want to be economical, go in for a lower model and book when an offer is going on.

Car Rental Companies in Mallorca

The Palma de Mallorca Airport is 8 km away from the bustling life of Palma, Majorca.  Some well-known companies for car hire in Mallorca are

Record rent a car – all their cars are in excellent shape and the company concentrates on providing the cars that are in great condition for hire.

Carjet – this car rental company has a good network of cabs all over Spain and can offer good rates with no hidden costs.  They also have the option to book in advance and pay on arrival.

Avis car rental – the car hire service is located in the airport itself in the arrival area or on the car park on the ground floor.

ATESA – ATESA has a good reputation of having a good fleet of cars and is a good option to consider while in Mallorca.

Attractions in Mallorca

Mallorca is a big island spread over thirty six thousand square kilometers and laden with places that will amaze and astound you. It will be a shame to not visit at least a few of them when you already have the option to hire a rental car to take you around to see the sites.

Palma de Mallorca – Drive down to the southern shores of the island to see Palma de Mallorca.  The place has many art galleries, boutiques and cafes that a tourist would love to visit.  The Arab Quarter has many surprises like museums and palaces which talk about the antiquity of the place, but also, there are modern additions such as La Rambla built in the 19th century.

Deia – Mallorca’s west coast offers the tourist a beautiful village which has become a haven for millionaires.  It became famous when Robert Graves decided to make the village his home and soon many came to visit the famous poet.  This led to the village becoming a favorite spot for artists and tourists which led to the evolution of the village into a popular tourist destination.

Valldemossa – Valldemossa is another pretty village that you can drive to while in Mallorca.  It is located on the Tramuntana hills and is 17 km from Palma.   If you are keen on taking a walk or going for a trekking trip, then drive here.

Here are a few good websites through which you can book a car online in Mallorca-