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Car rental in Zürich

Zurich is a beautiful place and one can only get to experience it when one takes the time to drive through it.  There are many companies for car hire in Zurich offering good rates and customized packages for tourists. Essential Info about Car Rental in Zürich When you rent a car, you actually get good value for your money as there are many things which come included in the rent such as Road Fund Tax, free breakdown assistance, liability insurance

Car hire services in Mallorca

Whether your visit to Mallorca is leisure activity or business related, the first thing that you would require is a reliable car rental company.  Rental cars can be booked online and the sooner that you do it, the cheaper it will be.  There are many car hire companies in Mallorca that offer amazing rates and services.  There are many options available, especially when you are travelling with your family.  You can pick up a Ford Focus which can be hired

Car Hire in Dubrovnik, Croatia for the Thrifty Traveller

When it comes to car hire in Dubrovnik, Croatia, one has to consider the cheapest rental as well as the most efficient one.  This way one gets value for money while enjoying a holiday or a business trip.  Although there are bus services, you cannot see all that you want to see if you do not have a car at your disposal.  Moreover, a car will give you greater flexibility and choices while on a tour. How to Get the

9 Hidden Car Rental Fees

While renting a vehicle you will choose the one that you want based on economical rates that the rental agencies give.  However, there are times that you still get landed with a hefty bill because the car rental company had failed to enlighten you about certain additional costs. Some of the most common “hidden” costs are the following. Taxes and Licensing Fees Taxes are not the same everywhere and the VAT (Value Added Tax) is 25% higher elsewhere, although in